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D&Co France Limoges Vase with Gold 19th Century

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Limoges Pottery

French porcelain bouquet vase with gold paint and art nouveau design overlay glaze in excellent condition.  Porcelain, pure gold trim, overglaze enamel decoration. Vase dimensions 11 1/4″ tall x 4 7/8″ top diameter tapered curvey vase with 5 1/4″ bottom diameter.  markings of unglazed bottom show “D&Co France”. this is a stunning Limoges piece, dated 19 th century. D&Co is R. Delinieres and Company (started 1879 in France).  This Vase is designed by the renowned Delinieres & Co. ca. 1879-1900, marking date the piece between 1894-1900. The plant was located in Limoges France. Antiques collectors have known for a very long time that Limoges is the definition of quality porcelain.  

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